A Low-Tech Endorsement

My loyal acolyte, Brandon L. Brooks, writes a blog called “Barch’s Blog.” While it is not as entertaining as the Low-Tech World, it is not a bad place to go to find out about architecture, music, politics, technology, and anything else Brandon feels like writing about.

I bring this up only because Brandon recently reminded me that the Low-Tech World has been “deader than Ted Kennedy” lately. (Those were, to the best of my knowledge, Brandon’s exact words–slightly paraphrase.) I also bring it up because Brandon wants more people to read his blog and learn his opinions on Jim Croce and Michelle Obama’s fashion sense.
So, if you want something good to read–go here.
Also, if you want to make my day, leave a phrase of my choosing as a comment on his most recent posting “Dashcode and Eclipse,” which is his pro-“Team Jacob” review of the most recent Twilight movie.
The phrase is: “Large Marge sent me.”

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