Summertime Mormon Fiction Reading List

My quarter is almost over. I have about eight more pages to write and about twenty research papers to grade. Then I can start working on my Ph.D. exams reading lists.
I also want to use the summer to finish reading a stack of Mormon novels that I have sitting around either on my bookshelf or my laptop’s Kindle. Here they are:
Nephi Anderson, Marcus King, Mormon
Marilyn Brown, The Wine-Dark Sea of Grass
Arianne Cope, The Coming of Elijah
Jonathan Langford, No Going Back
Susa Young Gates, John Stevens’ Courtship
B. H. Roberts, Corianton
Douglas H. Thayer, Summer Fire
Brady Udall, The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint
Elizabeth Whitney Williams, A Child of the Sea
Margaret Blair Young, Heresies of Nature

I’ve also got Terryl L. Givens’ By the Hand of Mormon to read.
Once I read these, I’ll need a new batch. Any recommendations?

2 thoughts on “Summertime Mormon Fiction Reading List”

  1. My suggestions:

    *Salvador by Margaret Young
    *Angel of the Danube by Alan Rex Mitchell
    *The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
    *Angel Falling Softly by Eugene Woodbury

    Mainly because I've read all four of them and would love to hear your take on them (but also because each of them does do something interesting in relation to the field of Mormon literature).

  2. .

    I like

    *Curtis Taylor's The Invisible Saint

    *Grant Hardy's Understanding the Book of Mormon

    *Moriah Jovan's Magdalene

    And have you read The Fob Bible? I mean, because, you know, it's pretty great.

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