One Year with Mormon Literature

Today marks one year since I started posting solely about Mormon literature. I thought I’d commemorate the occasion briefly by linking my five favorite posts from the last year.

Here they are in no particular order:

Modern Mormon Family: A Review of Angela Hallstrom’s Bound on Earth

A Darkly Sentimental Alley: Rethinking Nephi Anderson and the Home Literature Endeavor

Get Your Hands Off Those Sheep: A Review of H. B. Moore’s Ammon

Flooding the Bloggernacle with Mormon Literature…?

The New Home Literature: Art for the Committed Mormon Masses

For the record, I’m going to keep posting weekly as long as I can. I want to end December with a review or two and then begin reading a group of Mormon novels that are part of my qualifying exams. Later, sometime in April, I’ll be spending a week or so teaching out of Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction, and around June I’ll start working on my dissertation on Mormon fiction.

All in all, I should have plenty of material for posts.

As always, thanks for reading. Keep the comments coming…


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