My BYU Studies Review of Angela Hallstrom’s "Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction"

Last summer, BYU-Studies contacted me about writing a review of Angela Hallstrom’s Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction. The result is now up on the BYU Studies website and free to read and download.

You can access the review here. If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them below.

Also, since we’re on the topic of Dispensation, I should note that I am a little more than a week away from teaching my class “American Religious Landscapes.” My class will be reading stories from Dispensation during the week of April 23rd, which is the week following my presentation at the AML annual meeting in Orem.



10 thoughts on “My BYU Studies Review of Angela Hallstrom’s "Dispensation: Latter-day Fiction"”

  1. Cool. This review moves Dispensation immediately from the middle of my reading list from the top.

    I hadn't realized that you grew up in Ohio–guess I figured you were just there for school now. That makes the Lit Blitz a thoroughly Ohioan contest! (I'm from Columbus area).

  2. Th.–No worries. The Theric Endorsement is enough for me.

    James–It'll be well worth the read. Also, yes, I guess the Blitz was a thoroughly Ohioan contest. I knew you were from Columbus, but I guess I never made connection–which is a Cincinnatian thing to do since the only cities that exist in Ohio, from a Cincinnatian's perspective are (in order of importance): Cincinnati, Cleveland (as the antithesis of Cincinnati), and Dayton (the punchline of every Cincinnatian's joke that does not involve Northern Kentucky). Columbus, I think, only exists in the Cincinnati imagination as “Ohio State.”

    Which is to say: I apologize for my Cincy-centric attitude. As a Columbusian (Columbian?), you can always brag about having the Temple in your city. And the Capitol building. And the better football team, etc.

    Wm.–I had to Google that reference, but I'm a better man because of it.

  3. So you'll be at the AML conference, then? Sweet! Me, too. I'll be presenting a paper of my own as well as leading a couple poetry reading panels. I hope our paths can intersect…

  4. Columbus actually has a strange inferiority attitude. Not many cities of a million manage to see themselves as cow towns, but Columbus is a special place.

    The temple is actually next to the meetinghouse where I grew up. The brother who dedicated the building said that if the Saints were faithful, the temple who be near, “even at their doors.” And then, after the dedication was done, he thought: “Cincinnati is pretty much at our door. They might put a temple there someday.”

  5. That's funny because I get the sense that Cincinnati has a strange superiority complex. I guess maybe we feel we're something special because we had “WKRP in Cincinnati” in the late 70s and early 80s.

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