Missionary Poetry 1852

I came across this in my research today. Poetry from missionaries in England during the early 1850s. The source is the Autobiography and Diary of Appleton Milo Harmon. The occasion, it seems, is what we might today call a transfer or possibly even a homecoming. 

You can also learn more about Harmon on his wikipedia page. He is best known for helping William Clayton and Orson Pratt invent the odometer.  
December 25, 1852
Sa 25 this being Christmas and a holaday with the people the Saints had prepared a feast in the Temperance hall. whare we all met at 4.P.M.—we had a variety of entertainments by way of speaches. songs recitations and the like. thare was several original peiced performed. amonchest which was the following. 
Fare well to Elder A.M. Harmon
By Mark Fletcher.-

Fare well thou servant of the Lord
Our blessings go with the
Thy labours n’er will be forgot
Oh No! it cannot bee
It was for greater things thou left
Thy native Land and home
Than Earthly honours can produce.
Thy Pearl is yet to Come
Through toils and hard ships thou hast past
To teach mankind the truth.
Which by the Lord has been revealed
Yes! Treasures of Great worth
O may the Lord safe guard the home
To Zion’s secure abode.
Whare from Brigham thou shalt hear
The True and liveing word. 
Thy Pastoral care o’re us has been
A time of lasting worth
For truths through thee has been revealed
Which fills our Souls with love, 
Farewell then for the presant time
We hope again to meet
On Zions Shore, with Joseph Smith
Yes! Him we’ll gladly greet
And Hyrum too we’ll gladly hail
In Patriarchal Power
With Brigham , Heber and Willard too
Enthroned in Kindly power
And o’re the Nations they shall rule
All men shall own their sway
Then Saints be still and things fullfill
Farewell until that Day 
Also, this poem by Harmon followed:
A Paroday on the mistletoebough. Composed by my self. was then sung which reads as follows:- 

We we met for a feast in the temperance hall
The olive branch hangs at the side of the wall
The Saints all around me are blyth and gay
In keeping the Christmas holaday
We now behold with Joy and prid
The Saints so gay on every side
The Sisters with their bright eys seem to be
The joy of this goodly company 
O. to Zion we’ll go
O to Zion we ll go 
I’m wearry of England I long for a ride
Across the wide main to the other side
And my friends will be sure the first to trace
A clue to Zion our resting place 
They’ve saught her by night they’ve saught her by day
They’ve saught her in vain and times past away
In the highest the lowest the loneliest spot
The world has saught Zion but found her not 
O to Zion we’ll go
O to Zion we ll go 
And years roold by and our joy at last
was told as a joyfull tale long past
When the Angel appeard and to Joseph cried
Go see ’tis consealed on a large hillside
At length a stone chest thus had long lain hid
Was found in Commorah , he raised the lid
And a beautiful reccord lay glittering thare
And its pases has taught us:- for Zion prepare 
O to Zion we’ll go
O to Zion we’ll go 
We have spoak for a pasage a cross the
wide main 
And soon I’ll go to it, in a railway train
When I’m safely on board and our
Sails are all set 
We’ll be snug in the hold and clear from the wet
Then blow ye east winds and [illegible] st us
Safe o’er 
Were leaveing great Britton for Zion’s fare shore
We’ll assend the big river Cross o’er the wide plain
To enter the valley of Zion Again 
O to Zion we’ll go
O to Zion we ll go 


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