The Home Call–Nephi Anderson, 1906

The Home Call
(On Receiving an Honorable Release to Return Home)
Millennial Star 68.35 (1906): 560
The charm of England’s smiling fields,
Of Scotland’s hills and lochs between,
OF Ireland’s stretch of cooling green,
To homeland’s stronger summons yields.
A gray-sage reach of barren plain,
A Wild aroma of the hills,
A gentle murmur of the rills—
These draw me westward once again.
Away from man and man’s control,
Among eternal solitudes,
I dwelt so near to Nature’s moods,
So near to Nature’s very soul.
The spell yet holds, where’er I roam;
Nor tow’ring cities, busy marts,
With all that wealth or art imparts,
Can break the charm that draws me home.
My home is desert-girt, I know—
The stars by night, the sun by day
Sine down upon the dusty way—
And yet it calls, and I must go.
Liverpool, August, 1906                     Nephi Anderson


3 thoughts on “The Home Call–Nephi Anderson, 1906”

  1. More the kind of sentimental gesture I am prone to make at the end of week long research trips. It's the pen I used all week to write down notes about Anderson before heading off the the library.

    But the scale thing makes sense. It's a rather small marker compared to the granite monoliths one sometimes finds in cemeteries.

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