Small Changes for the Low-Tech World

Earlier this week, Wm Morris announced that I am now a regular contributor to the Mormon arts and culture blog A Motley Vision. This is something that has been in the works for a week or two now. I’ve been looking for a way to get more reader response to my writing and A Motley Vision seems like a good place to get it. And I’ve wanted to be a part of the AMV team for a while, so I’m glad I can now say I’m hanging with the cool kids.

Those of you who follow this blog know I’m already stretched fairly thin on the Mormon Bloggernacle. Aside from this blog, I also contribute to Modern Mormon Men and Dawning of a Brighter Day. I will continue to be a part of these blogs on a monthly basis–at least as long as they’ll have me–but with my new spot on AMV, I’m going to change my approach to how I contribute to each blog.

Here’s what I have in mind:

The Low-Tech World will continue as my home base. I’ll continue to post something every week, but my focus will now be on book reviews, author interviews, and found items from Mormon literary history (short stories, poems, photographs, news articles, criticism, etc.). I’ll also post announcements and other news related to Mormon literature and my progress and a doctoral student.

Modern Mormon Men will continue to be where I post about Mormon literature and culture for a general audience. I’ll continue to promote books, give short interviews, and try to bring the Mormon masses around to a greater appreciation of their literary heritage. I’ll also keep writing self-deprecatory posts about my awkward teenage years and goofy things I notice with my Latter-day spectacles.

(By the way, check out my MMM interview with James Goldberg today on his new novel The Five Books of Jesus…and then swing by here tomorrow for the uncut interview.)

Dawning of a Brighter Day will be where I throw around ideas about creative writing and the directions I think Mormon literature should be taking. Here I plan to speak more generally about trends I see in Mormon literature and not get too specific when it comes to individual works and authors. I think of this blog as where I’ll go to post Mormon literary theory.

A Motley Vision, on the other hand, is where I’ll post Mormon literary criticism. On this blog, I intend to post about individual works and authors and get into the details of Mormon literature. My hope is that AMV will prove to be a place where I can share some of the ideas I have about Mormon texts and historical trends and get some feedback on them. I imagine what I post will have some connection to the work I’m currently doing in my dissertation, but I don’t intend to limit myself in that respect. If I have something of a scholarly vein to say about Mormon literature or culture, and want quick feedback on it, I’ll post it on AMV.

I expect to cross-post every now and then–especially if I write something I’m really proud of. I don’t want The Low-Tech World to die off in any way, and I want it to continuing being a go-to place for all your Mormon literary needs. But I also want to keep my efforts focused and not run my brain into the ground.

Changing things up in this way, I think, is the right step to take. 


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