Anti-Mormon Novels in the Internet Archive

Lately I’ve been reading The Viper on the Hearth, Terryl L. Givens‘ fascinating study of nineteenth-century anti-Mormon fiction. I thought it might be helpful to come up with a list of the digitized anti-Mormon novels  available on the Internet Archive, a good go-to place for nineteenth-century Mormonalia.
Here are the books I found:  
Belisle, Orvilla S.
—. In the Grip of the Mormons(ca. 1919) [This seems to be a reprint of The Prophets]

Bell, Alfreda Eva.

Benoit, Pierre.
—. Salt Lake; A Novel(1922) [Translation from French]

Clark, Charles Heber.

Curwood, James Oliver.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan.

Gash, Abram Dale

Gilchrist, Rosetta Luce.

Grey, Zane.

Hannett, Arthur Thomas.

Henry, Alfred H.

Hudson, Mary W.

Kerr, Alvah Milton.

Mitchell, Langdon Elwyn.

Paddock, Mrs. A. G. (Cornelia).

Richards, Robert

Riddle, A. G.

Spencer, Mrs. George E.

Stevenson, Robert Louis.
—. The Dynamiter  (1925)

Switzer, Jeanie Bartlett.

Walsh, Marie A. (“Sandette”)

Wilson, Harry Leon.

NOTE: Absent from this list are the many anti-Mormon poems, memoirs, and histories written in the nineteenth century and early twentieth. Also absent are anti-Mormon novels not digitized on the Internet Archive.

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