Help Fund Mormon Punk: From LSD to LDS

Do you have $15 to $1000 to spend in support of Mormon literature? Why not spend it on Christopher K. Bigelow’s latest project, a crowd-funded memoir called Mormon Punk: From LSD to LDS. As the publisher of Zarahemla Books, Bigelow has record for producing quality, award-winning books. Why not throw some money his way?

Interested people can learn more about the project, read a chapter from the memoir, and find out how to contribute here. Also, here is a synopsis of the book: 


As a sixth-generation Mormon and the oldest of ten siblings, I was ordained to the priesthood at age twelve. By then, however, I was utterly bored with the LDS religion—my true inner religion had become Dungeons & Dragons and the rock group Rush. As soon as I left home at age seventeen, I escaped into Salt Lake City’s mid-1980s underground punk and New Wave scene, my generation’s version of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.
Rather than finding a workable new life, however, I ended up—possibly as a result of taking hallucinogenic drugs—encountering the devil in a harrowing midnight ordeal. My encounter was not unlike the demonic experiences of some early Mormons, including Joseph Smith and my own ancestor, the polygamous apostle Heber C. Kimball. Wanting to protect myself against such malevolent forces, I did a 180 and dove back into the religion of my youth.
As I started seeking my spiritual fortune in Mormonism, I confronted an epic decision: Should I go through the mysterious Mormon temple and embark on the faith’s rite of passage, a two-year proselytizing mission? And if I made it through that test, how would I then fashion an endurable lifelong Mormon reality for myself?

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