Mormon Lit Blitz Longlist

Today’s most important news in the Mormon literary world is the announcement of the longlist of Mormon Lit Blitz finalists. The list can be found on Mormon Artist, the host for this year’s Blitz. Among the finalists are some familiar names from past competitions, including past winner Merrijane Rice, as well as some newcomers. Also, there are a few names on the list that I have never heard of, which is always a good thing in the world of Mormon arts and literature.

My short story “Living Scriptures” made the list. It has significant Book of Mormon elements in it, which seems to be a thing among some of this year’s semi-finalists.

I wish I could read all twenty-four, but only twelve will make it to the final round. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if the Lit Blitz coordinators released a commemorative e-book of all the semi-finalist works? I’d buy it for $2.99.



25 thoughts on “Mormon Lit Blitz Longlist”

  1. .

    I’ld be willing to have mine in a free ebook.

    The only real question is, what do I do with my other fiction submission now…. Not a lot of other venues for this sort of thing.

    1. I’ve found WIZ to be open to Mormon flash fiction. What we really need is EMW to start back up–maybe with a new website and a team of editors. Maybe that’s where royalties should go.

  2. I would be more inclined to let Lit Blitz organizers use the money to fund future contests. But since poetry is not in super high demand, I’m used to giving things away for free.

  3. Scott Parkin and I had talked about doing this for the Four Centuries of Mormon Stories contest. And then I failed to do the organizational work to follow up.

    I agree that it would be wonderful to do collections of the Lit Blitzes as well, and I’d be happy to do the editing for the semi-finalists we don’t end up picking.

    That said…the whole logistical labor of getting permissions and choosing how to do cover design, layout, etc. is something I find easy to procrastinate. Sharing royalties is also complicated: I don’t really want the responsibility to deliver 1/24th of the proceeds of a small publication to twenty-four people–especially considering that we’d likely quickly get to the point where a writer’s quarterly royalties (at 8 cents a copy) are about the cost of a stamp. I don’t know if Amazon has an automated way to split royalties: that’d be something to check into. We might also see if authors are willing to just pool royalties into prize money for future contests to simplify things.

    In any case, I think it’s a good idea….and I apologize in advance if we fail to get it done.

  4. I have often fantasized about organizing a secret Mormon Arts revolutionary organization with a wing dedicated to projects such as this and a cool title like “Minister of Information” for whoever heads up the effort.

    1. I would like to point out that a common method of disinformation is to posit the existence of something as if it could potentially exist when, in fact, it already exists.

    1. Our initial plan was to do open-themed spring Lit Blitzes and themed contests each fall. Family health concerns took us out of the Mormon Lit scene through the fall and winter last year and delayed this Lit Blitz a bit from our past timetables.

  5. My statement about wanting royalties was that if someone was going to pay something to read my words, I either want to get some compensation, or have that money go to something I can support. Future prize money can be one of those things.

    1. If we get it put together, I think that would be the simpler option. Though maybe with a provision that if it were to make more than $x in a given year (enough to be worth the trouble of splitting), we’d leave a certain amount for prize money and pay out the rest.

  6. I’m willing to have my piece included in the anthology. I would prefer to funnel any proceeds of the anthology to funding Mormon Literature projects than reap any monetary benefit myself.

    1. I forgot to mention, I’m also totally willing to be included in a book made up of past finalists, as well.

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